I started collecting those what attracted me since childhood, many of my collections are related to my interests. I have a strong interest in biology, paleobiology, mineralogy, chemistry, I hoped I could “practice” them in person, so I built my lab in my loft to synthesis some organic chemicals, and excavated minerals during junior high, but Chinese education system didn’t encourage students to do something that has nothing to do with exams, so did my families, it’s hard to persist on it, but it really gave me great passions, conflict makes one grow.

Art gives me a chance to do my works: what I am really interested in, after a year of being a “good student” in my college, I realized that this isn’t my dream, then I listed my dreams, both big and small, to accomplish this list is the way to start my art.

But the first time art deeply moved me was in my high school, one day I took bus in wrong direction, I fall into sleep on the bus, when I waked up, I found myself in front of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), coincidently, there was an exhibition of Marc Riboud’s photography and graduation show of Sculpture, those works intensely impressed me, it’s hard to describe that strong feeling on words, I had never taken art as a serious thing before, after that, I became to long for more, I wanted to spray the feelings out of my heart!Then I started drawing and photographing just for myself, my mother found my pictures, she warned me not to draw those things again, but I could not helped, so I burnt my pictures after finished. 

Once, after discussing a topic of “what is the most important thing to be an artist?”, I concluded in “The reason is all we have to find out in the first place, besides, skills, forms, thoughts even conceptions or ideas are not the most important thing.”, but my friend gave a different idea, he thought that “the most important thing is what you persist on without any reason.”, I can feel something common between our viewpoints, what I meant by the word “reason” is not rational or literal, the “reason” is something hard to be described, but deep inside your heart.

Now I think creating art works and searching relics for materials are more interesting than art work itself. You can actually felt the incidents happened here, the feeling of presenting, that may be what most exhibitions didn’t have, trace of time, of being, every tick followed one before, every moment is becoming history, we are dying now, but born in the next second, the world around us is remains of the past, we lived on a relic of realistic world.