The initial question is:What sustain our world’s existence? We can perceive everything happening around us, the metabolism of matter and energy inside it, the change in whole process make time a significance for all lives or existences, time has its different significance due to different circulation of matters, a few seconds for a thunder, a hundred years for a human, a billion years for a stone, why energy come into different system in a certain period? I turn myself into very basic theory to figure it out, there’s a delicate balance in the energy coming in and coming out from every system, even the same to time, matter or the position we occupied, in physic, a basic rule is the conservation of energy, two kinds of energy are always in balance: potential energy and kinetic energy, it seems about the static and motion, we write it down in formula as: Energypotential-initial + Energykinetic-initial = Energypotential-final + Energykinetic-final ; we can understand this as the energy change during a process, it has a initial point and a final point, as the beginning and the end, then the changing process is about the time and energy, the potential energy is something about the space, where you are in this space decide how much potential energy you have, because once we made a change in our position, like jumping from high to low the energy will come to us or climbing from low to high will consume our energy; and kinetic energy is about how much matter you have within you and how your motion take place in the space, the more matters you have and the higher speed you have, the more kinetic energy you got, so as a conclusion, where we are and what we are and how we exist decide the energy within us, then we can do the math based on basic Dynamics, we can change the equation “Epi+Eki=Epf+Ekf” into “Etotal=Ep+k”, and then into “Etotal=mass x gravity+mass x velocity”, it is the relationship between matter quantity, force and motion state, so after a simple calculation, we can simplify the relation into four elements: “dEdt2=mdx2” (d refers to delta, means changing, dE=Efinal-Einitial, t refers to time, m refers to mass, x refers to coordinate, represents the position in the space), this related to the uncertainty principle: ΔEΔt≥ћ/2, ћ is a constant, so it is certain, but when the only certain thing in the universe is the uncertainty, the uncertainty of energy and time in a process cannot be ensured simultaneously. So, after the brief instruction of the theory, we go back to daily life, every one is a complex energy system, we exchange the energy with the environment around us ever-presently, I simply utilize the optical phenomena that we can find it everyday when we stand under the sunlight to visualize how a single person’s energy interact with environmental energy, inside the space the audiences become a part of the spontaneous interaction, I am also interested in people’s feed back to this when they can realize what is going on around them, the changing and exchanging is everlasting through the time, the time and energy flow into this “box” as a poetic metaphor Einstein’s Light Box, what we see is the escaping time.