Artist’s Statement:

My work is mixed, integral, I don't like to be called the professional, because profession will trap me in a circle, I cannot just walk away when needed. During high school, I spent every vacation doing variety of experiments in my attic, most of them were chemical or biological, but in retrospect, its primary purpose is to fulfill my exploration desire. But when my works were exposed to some professionals, the most voice I heard was something like "Do high school students really know what is the synthesis?” "Is this chemistry?” At that time, I do not understand the pride of the professionals, also don’t know what I shall do always isn’t a professional thing. There would never be enough knowledge through entire life, so explorations should be right now right hear. A week ago, I removed the last traces of my laboratory personally, all the reagents, apparatuses even the space is no longer belong to me. But I’ll take this as a new beginning, a transformation of the experimental fields and forms in direction of wider world, and it will occupy more material and space.

I am not an under-graduate majored in art, my interests in the events of the entire history of art are equal to other things (such as scientific history, philosophy, natural history, life forms, etc.), so according to personal taste, I don’t have to be a person who makes art, and it is hard to tell:An art work or a strange never-before-seen fish, which is more attractive to me, but as what I repeatedly emphasized: "Besides art, where can my work go?” The process of creating and why artists want to do in this way moved me more than art itself, as for me, there’s no better way to think and know yourself than doing the works. I have had been curious to this world, this sense of wonder sometimes is so strong that I cannot help doing something regardless of the reality, this impulse is a strong support to my art. I have been put attention on and practice some valueless things since childhood, but my value is willing to accept the usefulness, conflict between nature and thought inertia caused by rhythm of the time and growth environment made me insecurity. It always brings me confusion, thinking and pain.

The works are mapping of one's own state, art is to create life. Recently I tried the easel art, it is experimental for me, I view it as living behaviors, in fact I feel many of my works are the products of living behaviors, I caught up with it when dinner so I would do it at night, although they are not put in the main system. Compared to all the other behavior in life, painting, sculpting are undoubtedly very special, they can immerse yourself in repeated renovation of one material, it makes me rethink about my creation ways, I shouldn’t give myself a definition or a fixed identity, such as "installation artist", installation art has become a mature performance language, but use it only when needed. When doing work, the author should go back to himself, thought and motivation above and beyond the expressive ways.

My first solo exhibition in Cabinet of wonder is a starting point of my reduction, "if not necessary, do not increase the entity", creations and life can reduce to the basic elements, like the metal oxide reduces to pure metal, excluding the unnecessary sometimes makes it better, in the past, I would think a lot before doing, and if I couldn’t find the idea a clear reason, I delayed it, but working actually is a kind of whole-body thinking, how can I deny it before it starts just due to the judgment from part of body(brain)? It will compress the possibilities of unknown, but art needs the unknown. In the coming second half I will try it in a simple way, if an idea can move me, I will realize it. Sometimes the judgment of intuition is more brilliant than rational thinking.