Criticism from Kang

I don’t know how to expound my art, it’s Heming Zhang’s exhibition name. Actually, in theory, you’d better not to explain,because a few decades ago, the theory has already announced the death of the author,which means you'd better shut up your mouth, if you can express it accurately, there will be no necessary to do it or words will be better than doing it. But this sick society always acted back and fill, it announced the death of the author, but after a while it said " arts rely on words " (Paul Valery), that’s to say, the artists don't have to say a word, we (critics) will speak for them, we are more professional in this. So, what I mean is I can't write the product introduction, I really cannot participate in the competition of knowledge, if you have to let me say something that would be prejudice and bigotry. Yes, Zhang was graduated from the university of chemical technology, so he always mentioned elements, like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, anyway, it felt like he really did chemical reaction enough. His work is to collect some weird stuff, wasted things together. And those collected different, heterogeneous elements are mixed and arrayed together. The polymerization of these things, maybe just for the fun of it, or just a simple device, anyway, there is no specific and definite thing. But the collections imply a kind of thing: a collection of relics of the common world, and the evidence of a common history. When it comes to the end, he collects a kind of equality: the equality of all things - personal photographs, tools, fossils, toys - and so is equal traces of the archives of our lives. (Xueru Kang)